Information for homeless and unaccompanied youth, emancipation, guardianship, protection from abuse, and other rights of minors

Running Away: You're Not Alone

Questions to ask yourself before running away Will I be safe? Where will I go? Who will help if I get in trouble? How will I get by? If you have already run away or if you have been kicked out of your home, we want you to know your rights as a runaway in Maine.

Emancipation in Maine

What is emancipation? If you are at least 16 years old and want to live on your own and make your own decisions, Maine's emancipation law may help you. Emancipation means that you are no longer under your parents' control.  You can be treated as an adult by others. The Maine courts follow strict standards when deciding if you are mature enough to be emancipated.   How does emancipation work?  

Homeless Students' Right to an Education in Maine

Is a homeless child allowed to attend school? Yes. Homeless children in Maine still have the right to a public education.