Who we are

Kids Legal's Lead Paint Project was created in 2015 to help protect families and kids in Androscoggin County who are at high-risk for lead poisoning because of the lead-based paint in their homes. 

Attorneys  represent parents of children that have been poisoned by lead in their homes and those concerned that their homes may have lead hazards. They help parents navigate Maine's lead paint, housing, and special education laws. They also advocates on behalf of families if their children need special education services as a result of lead poisoning.

What we do

The Lead Paint Project educates, advocates, and litigates. 


The Lead Paint Project provides free legal trainings to anyone who is interested in learning more about Maine's lead laws. We have trained medical providers, social workers, teachers, parents, tenants, and landlords.


The Lead Paint Project works with families and provides free legal advice based on their specific needs. Often, parents just want someone to make sure that their voice is heard. Whether it's with their landlord, doctor, or child's school the Lead Paint Project works with families to explain the often confusing areas of landlord/tenant law, Maine's lead paint regulations, and special education law. 


The Lead Paint Project provides free legal representation to families of children who have been poisoned by lead paint hazards. Maine's laws protect renters from hazardous conditions within their homes. It also requires landlords to take reasonable steps to fix hazardous conditions once they become aware of them.

Maine law also requires that children who qualify for special education, including those who have been poisoned by lead, receive the appropriate services.

The Lead Paint Project represent parents in court and administrative forums to ensure that their housing and education rights are protected. 

Contact Us

The Lead Paint Project is located in Androscoggin County within the Lewiston regional office of Pine Tree Legal Assistance.

office is at 95 Park St., Suite 301, Lewiston, ME 04240

mailing address is: P.O. Box 398, Lewiston, ME 04243