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KIDS LEGAL Lead Paint Project

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We're ready to help you with lead paint issues

9/12/2016 Notice: Maine has new lead paint regulations that take effect on September 12, 2016. We will update this page to include these new regulations as soon as possible.


Are your children being harmed by lead?

Any home built before 1978 likely contains lead paint.  CrackingCracking paint, chipping, and peelingpeeling paint on door lead paint can create lead dust.  Lead dust can cause serious health problems. The harm can be “invisible.” You or your children may have lead poisoning and not know it.  If you are concerned about lead poisoning you should:

  1. Get your home tested
  2. Get your kids tested
  3. Call KIDS LEGAL’s Lead Paint Project with your questions

child with toyAre your children at risk for lead poisoning?

Lead paint was often used to paint doors, windows and trim work inside houses.  Opening and closing lead-painted doors and windows makes lead dust that gets on children’s hands and toys.  They are poisoned when they inhale the dust and get it into their mouths.  That is why this is an important risk factor to consider.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should schedule a blood lead test with your child’s medical provider:

  • Do you live in a home built before 1978 or have you ever lived in a home built before 1978?
  • Do you have, or have you ever had, painted wooden windows in your home?
  • If you live in a pre-1978 home (or in a home with painted wooden windows) has there been construction inside or outside of your home within the past six months?
  • Have other children in your building been poisoned by lead?
  • Have any of your neighbors talked about finding lead hazards in their homes?

OK, your child might be at risk.  What are your rights?

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lead pint mapYou can play a big part in combatting childhood lead poisoning! 

Did you know that many of the children you are seeing on daily basis could be dealing with the long-term effects of lead poisoning? 

Lead poisoning affects neurological development and can lead to hearing loss, kidney damage, behavioral problems, hyperactivity and developmental delays.

The scariest part about lead poisoning is that READ MORE



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