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Lead Paint and Legal Issues for Families

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9/12/2016 Notice: Maine has new lead paint regulations that take effect on September 12, 2016. We will update this page to include these new regulations as soon as possible.

How Lead Poisoning Happens

Lead dust comes from chipping and peeling paint. The dust gets on children’s toys and hands while they play on the floor. Then, children are poisoned when they breathe in the dust or get it into their mouths.


How Lead Poisoning Can Hurt a Child

Lead damages the brain and nervous system. Lead slows a child’s growth and development. Lead causes learning problems and behavioral problems. Lead causes hearing and speech problems.

There are often no visible symptoms while lead poisoning is happening. But the harmful effects it has on a child’s development are permanent.


KIDS LEGAL can help you keep your family safe from lead.

We can explain how to get your children tested and how to test your home. We can help you make sure construction on your home is done in a lead-safe way. Home repairs can create lead dust. Look for this symbol to make sure construction workers are certified Lead-Safe.


KIDS LEGAL can protect your rights if your family is affected by lead.


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